2013, Jan.


That arrow, that ripple in the air, that strike, that end, that pause,, before death sets in. How do you judge an arrow? an arrow? An arrow is true if it hits the mark. Truth is in the motion. To true, to tune, to adjust the harmony. Truth does not come from above or without, from the form or from what it is about, but resonates with in. To true a wheel, this is my model of truth. Truth is a circularity that gets you places. That kills. The wheel, the arrow, are both waves and like the crashing crests breaking by the shore, all truths have limitations. What is the medium of truth? It is indistinct from reality as such. The truth of an arrow is imminent to it. Be careful. Not "it" -- the whole state, the action, motion, condition, outcome -- a system of reproducibility/an economy of interdependence. A true arrow says as much of itself as that of the marksmen. To say something that hits the mark.


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