2012, Setp.

Untitled 37.txt

[x] xxxtcyV123: i must see a hot girl
[x] malaise69: hte flesh dissolved into pixels
[x] malaise69: numed by the grainy shadows,
[x] MaiyAlterEgo: My cam is not working horny sorry
[x] malaise69: highlighted in the familar grey-blue that stares back
[x] malaise69: with the same intensity
[x] xxxtcyV123: Wanna watch me?
[x] xxxtcyV123: Wathc me
[x] MaiyAlterEgo: Sit down open legs infron cam to see balls and cok xxxtcyV123
[x] malaise69: as the long desired possibility of becoming spectorcal.
[x] malaise69: wait with repepetive eagerness for the markd window..
[x] MaiyAlterEgo: Spit , Slurp
[x] NthFaceGirl: Spit on dick
[x] malaise69:a soddened climax that has since forgone joy.
[x] malaise69: exstayc is an avatar
[x] NthFaceGirl: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[x] malaise69: detatched from the raw blood and breath://
[x] MaiyAlterEgo: Mmmmmmmmmmm
[x] malaise69: only that dull pleasure of knowing you might not be all alone
[x] malaise69: in the moment confuses the lust for being composed by her eyes
[x] malaise69: for her eyes for her for her for her her her.
[x] xxxtcyV123: My baby nth i want lick your hole ass
[x] malaise69: the labor of being#of being seen
[x] malaise69: of occupying a signal not completely lost,
[x] malaise69: .though likely already forgotten.
[x] xxxtcyV123: cum see me
[x] malaise69: and who is she but a momentary space filled
[x] malaise69: by a click adn perchance a stream
[x] linda23: Wating xxxtc
[x] malaise69: and this is desire
[x] malaise69: or what desire has become
[x] malaise69: ?=remains


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