2015, Apr.

Theory Hole

This is my little theory hole. A hole to put theory in. Because sometimes bad theory is good theory. You have to articulate the sentence, scratch it out on .txt so it can stare back at you. Otherwise it’s just an idea and ideas are sticky. As a word on a page a thought is more of a block. Something to you build with. Or stick in hole. And even if it’s wrong, even if it doesn’t make sense, even if it is pure crap it is important to put it down on a page and look at it. At least so you can be like “no. shut up, you are stupid. stop looking at me.” Some people say their anxieties build up and talking out loud to people releases pent up passions, restoring a sense of equilibrium. I never subscribed to tea kettle psychology. From my perspective, if speaking releases anxieties then speaking forms the habit of having to speak to release anxiety which is to say, it in some sense causes the anxiety. Just a theory. Just a hole.


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