2013, May.


Cryptohashing (not to be confused with the cryptographic hash function) is an internet phenomena particular to microblogging social networking services. A cryptohash is a hashtag that takes an arbitrary string of characters as the hash name, prefixed by the symbol #. Like common hashtag usage, cryptohashing is a way of grouping and categorizing content. However, unlike common hashtags, crytohashes are chosen for their complexity and arbitrariness. Often a long string of numbers or numbers and letters, a cryptohash serves to uniquely group a content set. Only those who are aware of the cryptohash sequence can find all the content in that grouping, thus keeping information groupings as deep in the deepweb as possible while still being discoverable by keyed in users. This system of course relies on a 'security through obscurity' protocol. Because the platforms are open and public it is not feasible to implement real cryptographic security. However, though innovative combinations of image, text, @mentions and hashing, and chaining, truly complex barriers can be erected around deep content islands.


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