2014, Jan.

Of Diagrammatology

Affordance is a virtue of a coupling, degenerate and potential. The meaning, not founded on agreence nor the harmony of generals, relates, though by indeterminate determination. A force from within or without is equal. With drawn image, an image withdrawn, by which a couple hardens into one. As if the ship and the dock, linked by chain, wet and salted, rusts and by rusting the segmentation countable (tiresomely so) finds unity in its decomposition. The links linked by manner tangential to purpose. The word too, an image too, journeys with a buzzing sway -- a trajectory inaugurated with unsuspected leaps, chanceworthy -- falls in the gaps completing. But to fall short of a word with a line or two or more does not fall short of the gap by which the question of coupling, coupling answers. And in so filling, the line aligns lines pointing as if to map a map, the buzzing directed and buzzing itself. Through the mark, through the mark, a mark buzzing from the gentle sway.


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